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Who we are....

Founded by one of the famous Horse Soldiers who were the first boots on the ground in Afghanistan…we are first in, last out…you can help!

Founded by one of the famous Horse Soldiers who were the first boots on the ground in Afghanistan…we are first in, last out…and you can help!

Our Mission

AFGfree will..

Keep the promise made to US Citizens and Afghan Partners by working in a highly collaborative  environment to evacuate US Citizens; our partners and their families by land, sea or air while training and assisting others to do the same.

Our Vision

Our vision is simple:

“Keep the Promise”  


Profiles in Courage

MomoB is our Director of Operations. She is a former trauma flight nurse for the Department of State and other private contractors. Doing good medicine in war zones for most of her 26 year career. In August of 2021 she became an underground travel agent for Americans and American allies left behind in Afghanistan. Networking globally and not opposed to innovative movement of deserving people is why MomoB is invaluable to the AFGFREE.org team. Loving deeply for all of humanity. #honorthepromise #Godwins


Alanna is the Director of Social Media. She received her bachelor’s degree in political science with a minor in history from Purdue University and is a recent graduate from the William S Richardson School of Law. She has worked with several non-profit legal services, including the Hawaii Innocence Project, where she defended members of the military that were wrongfully convicted under the UCMJ, and the Southern Legal Counsel, which represents the broader low-income community. She also represented individuals at her University’s immigration clinic, helping many through the visa, asylum, and refugee process. In her previous career, Alanna worked as a commercial and salvage diver for a variety of federal contractors and subcontractors to improve DHS infrastructure.

Ed is the AFGFree Director of Technology. Ed enjoys 24 years as a US Army Special Forces Officer where he had to plan and execute emergency response and evacuation operations. He also has practical experience in emergency management by serving in leadership roles during the BP Deep Water Horizon and other oil spills across the country.   After 9/11, LTC Clark was selected to serve as the Director of the US Army’s Homeland Security Threats Office, where he designed and operated one of the first cyber security programs designed to protect critical infrastructure and assisted the White House Homeland Security Council conduct security vulnerability assessments on critical infrastructure. Ed’s final military assignment as an Emergency Preparedness Liaison Officer for FEMA Region VII provided him with the experience to conduct strategic level crisis management planning and response.  For the last fifteen years, Ed has provided security consulting services from Algeria to South Africa, throughout Eastern Europe and South America. He has provided security risk management services from assets as small as an individual school house and as large as the Houston Ship Channel.  Ed has planned and executed evacuation operations across the globe. He has a Master’s Degree in Computer Information Services, has attended ICS Classes 100-400 and is a graduate of the US Army Senior Leader’s Course in WMD Response.